You sure do gotta love when you or your duo partner are in promos and you get auto-filled to a position you don't know how to play well; putting a player into a role they did not ask for that they will likely do mediocre in. Now, hear me out. How about we give an option to disable auto-fill for lower elo ranked (Bronze to mid-Diamond)? Those of us who wish to get our roles will be just fine waiting the extra time it takes to find a team. After all, I'm cool with being auto-filled in norms, but for matches that really matter, I really don't want to get stuck into a role that I know I can't do well in the slightest. I am sure that nobody else on my team wants that either. For lower elos, the wait time will be increased somewhat, but I'm willing to wait extra time to get a role that I feel confident in so that I don't end up feeding and being a burden upon my teammates. Because, in my opinion, auto-fill has no place in ranked. Ranked is supposed to be a test of skill. The only thing your testing, when put into a role you can't play, is your teammates' patience. Please don't think I'm saying the auto-fill system is a bad one, just not one that I think should be forced upon players in a ranked environment. The leading cause of toxicity among teammates is someone doing badly in their role; forcing someone into a role they can't play reliably in a ranked environment (where everyone is much more serious about winning) is guaranteed to leave everyone on your team unhappy. Please Riot. Give an option to players whether they want to participate in auto-fill. It will make almost everyone (myself included) much happier.
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