Riot, Please Help Support Mains

Add shields and damage mitigated to the post-game stats please. Currently all it tracks is healing- which doesn't help when you're a support like Lulu that doesn't heal her allies. She shields her allies, grants bonus health, and gives movement speed and attack speed. There's a few reasons Support is unpopular, the overall perception that they don't affect the game is one of them. Aside from KDA, there's virtually no way to figure out how much a Support 'helped', which furthers the perception that they don't really help. The technology has to be in there, Ardent Censor and Stoneborn both track healing, Aegis tracks shields, please make this a feature in the future- just imagine all the Supports who can look at their stats and give a sigh of contentment for providing a clear number of what they accomplished. -A Support Main
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