In regards to off meta play, why does everyone imply communication works at all?

In recent news, Nubrac played Teemo support mid without telling his team beforehand. Many think he deserved his ban because of it. Now, I’m not certain whether or not Nubrac deserved his ban, but let me ask you this: do all of you seriously think he would get to play his off meta gameplay if he tried to “communicate it to his team?” It’s insane that many of you folks are insinuating that people will (A) not dodge (B) not troll him (C) cooperate with and accommodate his playstyle. It’s even crazier that the concept seems to be “off meta is bannable if your team isn’t okay with it.” So basically, if I were to play off meta, I would just have to encounter the right number of meta slaves before I get banned? All in all, we have a situation where there is less flexibility to play an off meta role than ever before. If you want to play something that isn’t the meta, you might as well just outright quit this game; that is my takeaway from the recent events as well as from past events. You’re going to get attacked by this wonderful community. Riot’s going to ban you. If you’re lucky you get unbanned, but you will nonetheless permanently be met with distaste and ire. So, somebody tell me how I am wrong? How is it that one can play off meta without meeting this fate? Or is it that when you folks and Riot say “off meta,” you mean building statikk shiv before infinity edge, or rab cap before zhonya’s?

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