What if Riot gave the inhibitor turrets a Statikk Shiv passive?

Most of us agree that they are so... Made of butter and can only water spray enemies. They need some extra passive, like Energized Strike is to defend themselves better. But if by Riot's definition they are not there to provide safe zones anymore. But are just a reward for the team that is ahead and a test for the behind/defending team to win another chance; Then we will need more **tools **to defend them! From stuff like team votes on making the turrets "Invulnerable" for short period of time, to buying an actual consumable item to give to inhibitor turret. If the role of the inhibitor turret has changed and it is now our job to defend those like they are little flowers in order not to loose the game in the next 60 seconds, it is only fair to have a couple of options. At-least until the game reaches "Late game" status. I will list just some things of top of my head that I think might work, we can have a field day with these there are so many options so share if you have any other ideas: * Have a vote that can be activated once from the 15th minute till the 25th from game start. If the majority votes "yes" make the Inhibitor turrets invulnerable in the next 3 or 5 seconds. If the suggestion is denied it can be initiated again after 3 minutes. * Make a special consumable that is activated/consumed under the turret and give them a duration with: life steal, or bonus AD, or a shield/armor or thorn-mail passive. This way we can have an option to sacrifice gold(individual build) to save the base if we deem this to be a better option in that moment. * We can also have items that grant **us** defense/sustain buffs while in range of an attacked turret with an enemy champion in its range so we can be less hesitant about standing our ground. * We can go the other way. We can get rewards for killing enemies under turret, that give us stuff similar to Herald/Baron buff. This way we get a reward for successful defending. * Or at least!they can start very OP, and loose their power as the game progresses. Lets say till we reach 30th minute. We can make so many things work. But for now we cannot defend them and they cannot defend us. By the time they are involved in the game the champions are so empowered that they loose their purpose, which ever purpose Riot thinks it should be. They more often serve as a bait for their own team to force them to desperate acts so the enemies can finish their job faster. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/LdPQeI_TJVk/maxresdefault.jpg
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