@Meddler Curiosity about the Veigar buffs

Sooooo after hearing a little diddy about why the changes to the master of evil took place in the first place, I want to know why you chose the buffs that you did? I am just wanting to understand your standpoint, considering the backlash over the bad. I am not wanting them reversed, or an apology over any real/perceived injustices, just curious about some of the reasoning for the choices? I was wondering about why Q increase speed to the skillshot over, something like increasing the radius of W? I like to know if there was a tiny bit more you could elaborate on, but was not able to during all the backlash. I thank you for the current changes on the PBE for our awesome master and anything to accomplish his short term and long term goals of world domination. I want a good healthy discussion on Veigar, but have only found comments about the changes themselves. Lets talk and see about what this may mean for his future in the game, something that I did not really see communicated though the process that I think should be interesting to see. TL:DR @Meddler since you have commented on some of the choices for the negatives, lets hear your side for the design of the good. Edit: For more on what meddler stated about the changes look here: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Q6AojjfV-not-a-riot-bashing-post-why-was-veigar-changed-at-this-point-in-this-way?comment=002d00040000 And thanks for commenting Meddler! My first red post ever! XD Current PBE changes here, including a video: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/03/33-pbe-update.html
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