Long List of things I think are a problem in League

So first off, I'm more writing this post cause I'm curious what everybody elses opinions are on the game, and how out of line my own opinions are compared to others. This is a comparative post that I want to propagate, and maybe at some point even Riot might join in on the discussion (however unlikely that is) and blatantly discuss some of the nuisances and annoyances in league. I'm just going to format this in paragraphs, with each paragraph being a different topic and what I think about it. Champion Select and Queues Champion Select is by far one of the biggest parts to starting a game, yet even though it is, I feel it has some really big issues, especially in ranked. My biggest current complaint is that people that autofill or get their one-tricks banned / picked often times just dodge games, wasting everyone's time and ruining otherwise favorable match ups. On top of this, it often leads to you getting sniped in the next lobby and your teams champions being banned cause it puts you in a lobby with the same people, which is just overall a nuisance that although avoidable, often adds to the above happening again. In addition to that, pick order can sometimes just break the game. I've had lobbies where the other team picked everyone but their Jungler after the person they're laning against picked, meaning that every lane just straight up lost due to counter picks. My last huge complaint is the ability to "Not Ban." I feel like this is a functionality that should be available in tournament / customs, but not in normal / ranked queues. Not banning champions can be so punishing in a meta with so many high-threat characters existing in specific roles. Will they probably ban those champions? Probably not, but they should still have to make a ban in the first place. Abundance of CC and a lack of ways for Mages to Cleanse it League is a game about capitalizing on peoples mistakes, and people get that. At the moment though, it feels like when you play a game that sometimes you legitimately just don't get to play it because your CC locked into heaven. This isn't too much of a problem for ADs because Quicksilver Sash exists. But mages get completely screwed in this spectrum, unless they choose to take cleanse which is a huge waste of a summoner slot sometimes. They instead have Zhonya's, which although can be good or even incredible, there's also a lot of times where it feels like you're just using it for the entire enemy team to look hungrily at your golden posterior, and instantly kill you right after you leave. Mages should have their own unique QSS item that they can use to actually escape CC, rather than just go golden because you got hit (or were about to get hit) by CC, and then generally result in the same outcome. I do think that to balance this, maybe it should have a shared cooldown with Zhonyas. The other way to go around this would either be to introduce one of two things; either A: A CC immunity system where layered CC has its duration reduced based on how long they've been CC'd already, or B: Add more accessible tenacity outside of Mercury Treads. I actually don't agree with either of these though, and think that introducing what I stated earlier would be much better. ~~Yasuo, Zed and Teemo existing~~ Abundance of % Max HP Damage This is a topic that is getting a bit out of hand. Of 140 champions, at least 24 of them (I'm not well rehearsed in every champion to know what all do % health damage) do some type of % Health Damage. On top of this, Liandries and BoRK both do % HP Damage, and especially in the case of Liandries, can be utterly abused to death on specific champions (Looking at you Cass and Brand, and new Mordekaiser....) It makes tanks feel like they're basically non- existent in the game. This combined with Ignite being the dominant pick in every lane makes it near impossible for tanks to do their job late into the game. This wouldn't be so bad, but unfortunately of the 24 champs I counted, most of them are played VERY frequently. Abundance of "Free" Damage This is a little gripe of mine, but maybe its a bit unfounded. I find it annoying that there are a lot of sources of virtually free damage in LoL atm. Dark Harvest and Electrocute just give extra damage to some champions that don't really need it, and combined with ignite can just make your life sad. Other lesser runes, like Cheap Shot, Scorch, Coup de Grace, Shield Bash, etc. contribute to this even more, along with the fact that everybody in the game now takes ignite. On top of this, a lot of champions have passives that are damage related. It doesn't matter if we're looking at Vayne, Mordekaiser, or even AAtrox, it gets annoying when you lose to something that doesn't really have any counter play to it. The Jungle Jungle is something that greatly annoys me at the current time, because I feel that as a role, its WAY too influential on how the game pans out. As it stands, junglers only spend the first 2-3 minutes farming and then all the sudden permanently set up a tent in a lane to make sure that lane just can't play the game. In higher elo, I expect this isn't too much of a problem because an experienced jungler would know to either A: help that laner out a bit before it gets out of hand or B: Counter Jungle the crap out of them, since they aren't clearing their jungle which effectively puts him behind. At low elos though, that pretty much never happens and causes jungle to single handedly win a game for people. I don't have a proposed solution for this, but I feel that something should be done to fix it. If I'm playing mid and top and get ganked 5 or 6 times in the first 8 minutes of the game, they should atleast have some repercussions for always being there. Game Length and Comebacks Ah, the update that no one asked for. Look Rito, I don't know what to say about this one. With the old state of the game, as a competent solo player, you could wait the game out till later on when you could possibly carry everyone once you get your core items. No one really asked for shorter game; In fact, I feel like most of the games issues were caused directly by this specific event. Beyond popular belief, a lot of people really like long, back and forth games because they feel so much better to win than normal. At the moment, it feels like the game is decided at around 20 minutes, which is a bit ludicrous for a game with 10 players in it. As a final note, I'm kind of a bit opinionated on the whole autofill thing. I've been playing League since Season 2, and have around 24ish Mastery 7s and another 10 Mastery 6s with a lot of other champions being learned at any given time. I honestly don't think you should be able to dodge an autofill or champ ban without getting punished for it when I have to sit here and innovate every time this occurs to me. Learn more champs or ask people to switch lanes with you when you get autofilled. A day or two ago I played a game in bot lane that went to hell real fast (it was a counter match up to start with, and the jungler also decided to babysit) that I got autofilled into when I really didn't want to play that role, but I played it anyways cause no one else wanted to play it. When the lane went south, my support got salty and stated something that comes up commonly from anyone anymore. "If you get autofilled, you should just dodge." I don't think this should be a thing at all, but pretty much anyone you talk to will say this is a true statement. On the contrary however, this shouldn't be a thing to begin with, either because dodging just results in longer queues and is kinda morally unfair, or the fact autofill shouldn't exist in the first place, its still a topic that I feel needs thoroughly addressed. Also, the next time I hear someone whining about me saying no to a surrender vote and then stating their reasoning as "It's a waste of time" I swear should be reminded that they're playing a GAME. You know, those things you use to waste time and have fun in the first place? I'm getting a bit tired of hearing this excuse when the next game has no guarantee of going as badly as the current one....

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