Full AD Darius is the Scariest Thing in League

Maybe not that scary for ranged carries but my god if you are a melee, prepare that sweet tender butthole. I cannot explain how fun it is in team fights to just flash in slam your face on the keyboard and take a dump on the r key and magically get a triple kill. You better pray to the mighty lords of whatever forsaken deity you believe in that darius doesnt go full AD because if he does its about to be Lebron James on Jason Terry all over the rift. But on a real note though i went full ad darius with last whisper and at level 18 i had hydra bloodthirster tri force lucidity boots maw and IE and their nasus was ful ltank with a Tri force and 700 stacks and that scrub got rekt so hard let me tell ya. Shreked his armor like it was paper and slammed my juicy 1400 true damage ult straight onto his head and down through his tight little asshole. If you want to have some serious fun, full ad darius is the way to go, and if you are feeling extra ballsy throw in those mobi boots. No escape today bitch. COME ON AND SLAM AND WELCOME TO THE JAM!
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