I feel like it's a common misconception that Low CS = Playing Badly

Now before anyone roasts me based on my OP.GG, yes I know I inherently suck at CSing, but even when I'm having a good game, this can still be an issue. So I'm playing decently and someone on my team isn't doing great. I point this out (not in a flame-ish way, in a helpful way), and they comeback with "at least I don't have CS" But what these people don't understand is that in these games, I'm usually playing Talon and we're late into the game. If I'm playing Talon and we have a hypercarry ADC, of course I know that I'm gonna fall off so I'm going to give them all of the waves to make sure they can be as strong as possible. So if the early-mid game assassin has 150 cs and the ADC has 300 cs and you're like 30 minutes into the game, that's better than the assassin having 200 cs and the ADC having 250 cs, right?
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