What happened to balancing around healthy design?

What happened to the design values? Why is shit like Wukong one shotting you from stealth before you can blink or Nocturne 100-0ing before you can say "Oh shit" even allowed? What happened to the philosophy that sends Azir into F tier the very moment he dares to step out of it? The same philosophy that has kept Kalista gutted into oblivion (where she belongs) because her design is aids? The philosophy that destroyed Ap Yi back in the day. why isn't it applied to Tryndamere? (Both his Ad and Ap counterparts should be nerfed into 0% winrate) Why the fuck has draven who is the very definition of "feast or famine" ignored by the balance team for months? I'm not even gonna go into Zoe because Riot nerfed her some patches ago so im gonna chill and not lose my shit when it comes to her. I remember when the point of reworks was to create counterplay to champios beyond "stay at base if you want to live" Why is Fizz getting buffs? We know what he is, everyone knows counterplay and Fizz are pretty much opposites so why? Why is fucking Rengar still one shotting me from stealth because i dared to step out of base? I THOUGHT HE WAS REWORKED FOR LIKE THE 10TH TIME TO AVOID THIS (With no success) AND THEN YOU REVERT HIM? Why was LB reverted? THERE'S A REASON WHY SHE WAS REWORKED WHY WOULD BRING IT BACK? Why is Diana even allowed to exist? can't even farm under tower because a 3 item diana can kill you before her Q even lands. What's next Riot? Are you gonna bring back Ap Yi? Ap Trist? S3 Kassadin with his 99% ban rate? Are gonna bring back Jayce too killing you with 2 E-Q combos from fog of war?
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