Actual counterplay to Fizz's Q + R combo on immobile casters would be great

It's literally impossible to dodge this without some form of dash in your kit, and once the fish is on, it's further impossible to avoid the follow up that will 100% guaranteed kill you, regardless of what you're building. Even max range as an artillery mage (except maybe Xerath) is too close to avoid it. It's pretty ridiculous that there's actually nothing I can do to survive a Fizz lane if I'm playing something like Ziggs or Vel'koz, short of praying that the Fizz isn't good at Fizz. **EDIT:** If you don't think Fizz can kill you without a long range R, do the math on his damage. He absolutely can with just a Sheen at level 8, even if you're rushing a Negatron Cloak (which you can't build anything useful out of as an immobile caster).
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