Is Ezreal an outdated champion in need of a sooner rework?

{{champion:81}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:81}} So disclaimer... I LOOOOOVE Ezreal. I love playing him, he's super fun to play and I love his unique build path as an adc that almost never seems to go in line with regular adc builds. Now I know I'm some stupid silver/bronze player who's not that good at the game and some people will make the case that I know nothing. But I do read a lot of the mechanics of league of legends and what makes a champion healthy and what makes one broken and stuff like that. And I've been thinking... Ezreal's kit seems crazy outdated and problematic. Other than the fact that {{champion:81}} is an old as fuck champion, his kit has caused NUMEROUS item abuse issues in the past. Elder lizard, runeglaive, iceborn gauntlet, and probably more that I don't know of. He is _so_ item dependent that honestly if trinity force or manamune were ever nerfed I'd have no doubt that the first champion people would complaining about being heavily crippled by that nerf would be {{champion:81}} , and with good reason. And his kit is just weird... he's an adc but plays like a super long range kiting mage. And the main problem with {{champion:81}} is that he doesn't promote much interaction... especially as an adc that can deal shitloads of DPS AND Burst damage. The majority of his time is spent sitting in the back spamming q over and over again and only goes in when it's absolutely safe for him to do so, which is what makes him the safest adc. Unlike other adcs, Ezreal doesn't have to choose between constantly poking down an opponent and putting himself at risk, and when he is at risk he can just E away. Even long ranged 'safe' adcs like {{champion:42}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:202}} either do not have the same long range poke potential as {{champion:81}} , or just do not have as much burst or readily available and reliable mobility (atleast in the early to mid game). Maybe you could make the case for {{champion:42}}, he is very similar to {{champion:81}}, but his **ultimate** doesn't deal as much damage nor does it apply on hit effects like {{champion:81}}'s **Q**. Speaking of {{champion:81}}'s **Q**... oh his glorious **Q**. This ability has caused the downfall of many an item (R.I.P ELDER LIZARD{{champion:58}} ). His **Q** is a VEEEEEEEEEEEEERY long range high damaging VEEEEERY low cooldown ability that applies ON HIT EFFECTS from about the range of a Battleship's main gun. It also reduces the cool downs of his other abilities which... i don't really think is really the problematic aspect of this ability considering its other merits. Only thing it can't do is crit... which i genuinely believe would make him overbearingly overpowered if that were the case. I feel like on hit items are kept weak and not really viable or outright deleted because of {{champion:81}}'s kit. Who, other than {{champion:81}}'s even buys {{item:3004}} now??? This is a clear indicator of an outdated, toxic kit. Now combine all these conditions and I can see why {{champion:81}} has been the number 1 problematic abuser of so many items and why {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} is such a huge problem every time it is even slightly strong. Now, in our current meta, our dear twink god is fading away. He just can't deal with this crit/attackspeed/tank meta and I think it's high time Riot re-evaluate this champion and find a way to rework him while keeping his original concept of some annoying trendy spell slinging adc who is an adventurer that may or may not be gay according to the league community's perception of femininity in men.\ **TL;DR** Ezreal has a bloody toxic kit please riot for the love of god rework him.
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