Bot lane is currently a very toxic role and has too much impact over the game

Currently, top lane is at the weakest point it has been in for quite a while The ADC item buff was a component of what caused this shift, as well as ardent cancer and the enchanter meta we are currently in, but it has got to the point where you can go 0/10 in lane, and it will only slightly negatively affect your chance of winning. If your bot is winning, you are almost certainly winning the game. I write this because i played fiora into top kogmaw. I absolutely demolished him, and he was level 10 and 1/9 to my level 15 and 8/1. I proceeded to lose the game due to my own incompetent botlane, despite the massive split pushing threat i was across the whole game. Of course it could just be me being a shitty player, but your laner going ending 2/14 and winning the game due to a different role being so obscenely overpowered needs to be addressed soon, because its ridiculous.
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