Morgana Update kit ?

Hi there! So, the sisters rework have been revealed! It's nice and all but there's something wrong for Morgana. While Kayle have a nice kit, with lots of possibilities with passives etc, Morgana looks kind of lacking. We all know that she has a clear purpose with a functional kit, but it's still a bit aged compared to other champions that can do better. My point is : Wouldn't that be the occasion to add some versatility to her kit ? She'd need to have a whole new passive + sub functions to her black shield or her W. Her W could've been changed for something more "risky" for people going in its area of effect ? I mean, most of the time people don't even care about stepping in. Some kind of "corruption" with a dot could be added for champions stepping in. I thought that Riot would stop making those kind of VU with no "real" change (running a bit faster on her ult is not that much of a change), and it looks like one of those early VU we got, like Yi or Garen. I really do like everything about her except for this. I'd like to see if Morgana players here expected something more. I really feel like Morgana's kit has aged a bit too much and it needed some new things, and that she'll unavoidably need an actual rework of her abilities. So, why not now ? Tell me what you think about this. I've seen other people argue about it, and they feel "scammed" for most of them.

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