Aside from Vaynes PBE buffs, the marksmen buffs are great! But they dont hit the right nail.

Marksmen feel bad, but they are without a doubt very _very_ good at all stages of the game with a handful of exceptions who are generally kept in the gutter. The big question is; Why? And the small answer; Marksmen require four items to hit their stride and are uncomfortable at three or two due to marksmen itemization being mostly ASP/Crit/MS. At the best of times a class of champions who require more than 3 'core' items and whom do not hit tangible power spikes with each item are clunky and feel bad, which leads to the fix. **_ Reduce the marksman itemization 'core' to three items_**. To do this, we need a source of crit chance on an AD item. {{item:3095}} is a fine choice; {{item:3095}} (2800g) = {{item:1038}} + {{item:3086}} +200g. 40AD, 20% crit chance, 25% attack speed, and a reworked passive; critical strikes increase your movement speed by 20% for 0.5 seconds. With this, the marksmen core items become {{item:3095}} , {{item:3087}} (any zeal item) , and {{item:3031}}. This gives a stable 100% crit chance at the late-early game or mid-mid game which, combined with movement speed procs on crit, will _dramatically_ increase the classes feel without bringing them over the edge. ________________________________________________________
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