Why people keep playing league even while they get so angry

So I had wrote this in a response and thought it would make a great post. So the part we will probably disagree on is 'Individual Choice' I don't believe in free will, and I will get to why that matters in a second. The three things that cause people to play league are: Addiction, the Earning to Loss Effect, & Rejection to Change. Addiction: So just like anything, league can become addicting. The rush from getting that winning screen gives you so much dopamine that it makes it feel worth it, even though the steps to get their were not. It's just like weed, cocaine, or any other fricken drug. Anything can be addicting. Humans naturally get addicted to heavy carb foods (wheat products) for survival, same applies to caffeine from the crash creating a reliance. Dopamine is no different from everything else in the world. When you get a taste you want more. It's how people can also get addicted to masturbation. That huge rush at the end. This will also tie into 'Rejection to Change.' Rejection to Change: Just like most creatures humans don't like change. To live comfortably without much differentiating is a nice feeling. You just feel 'safe.' It's the same reason that old people can't accept the new stuff that comes after them. The same reason my Grandpa hates black people. He refuses to change to accept the new people. Now my dad doesn't hate black people because the times move, however he hates gay people. He refuses to accept them. He refuses to accept 'change' Again, same applies to league of legends. People can't accept that it isn't the game it once was and it leads to them being stuck in a hate cycle never to leave because THEY REALLY WANT THE OLD LEAGUE BACK. the Earning to Loss Effect: Just like in gambling the person thinks like this: "If I just play another league game it won't be like the last one. It'll be better. I'll win!" 20 games later be has dropped around 500 LP's (not even possible) and he is angry at the world. He didn't think "I should cut my losses today, take a break, and maybe come back later" Humans aren't logical creatures. We are emotional and we were programmed to hunt for satisfaction, even with it being a 2:1 ratio. Empty:Satisfied. Happiness is not constant, it is a flow that rises, but can never hit a ceiling, but in reversal it will always come down. Now what this means to me is that the situations we end up in, we can easily become stuck in. Like how someone abused knowing full well this man will hit her, will more than likely find another man just like him. The want to stay the same and go back. That is why I blame the environment for the most part. Just like how islam people can be extremely fucking violent, christian people can also be extremely fucking violent. Religion isn't better than the other, It's where the people and religion are located that shapes the way that people have an outlook on it. So in short riot's game makes people sad, bitter, and angry. It's toxic and you shouldn't play if you can't avoid this effect. Now this part is personal opinion, but all this means to me is Free Will is fake. Everything in life will lead to something else, meaning u aren't what u want to be, you are what u are created. You must still be treated as though they are your actions, or then we would have to be logical and use prisons the right way for reform, not for locking people up for eternity. . . TL;DR for the randoms all I'm saying is free will is not real and u are probably addicted to league of legends. Quit while you still can.
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