Is there any reason to use Statikk Shiv instead of Phantom Dancer, now?

{{item:3087}} now clearly gives inferior DPS. After the buff to {{item:3046}} and nerf to {{item:3031}}, I can't see any reason why I should buy Statikk, or at least not sell it mid/late game and buy Phantom Dancer instead. You can say that Statikk Shiv gives waveclear, but many ADCs get natural waveclear ({{champion:222}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:15}}) and even the ones that don't, still prefer the better DPS from Phantom Dancer ({{champion:119}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:22}}) OR they buy another item that would better fit their needs ({{champion:42}} {{champion:81}}) Statikk Shiv gives more burst, but only if the passive manages to crit. Even then, its burst potential decreases as the game progresses; once your opponent gets a decent amount of magic resistance, the passive is going to do little damage. Even a bit of HP is enough to stomach the damage done. The only reason that I can think to buy Statikk instead of Phantom Dancer is because Statikk is cheaper. However, the difference is minimal (300 gold). I would rather farm a little more to get a better item. EDIT: Some champions are still better off with Statikk Shiv instead of Phantom Dancer, though. Examples are {{champion:157}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:23}}. See the below posts for more information.

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