Jungle as right now is horrible in low elo

with the lower jg exp no matter what jg does he at beast is trying to get even with the laner this greats many problem. as in if a lane in low elo dies once or twice, it is not even feeding, but you can no longer gank that lane cause the enemy lanner will be 2 lvl a head of you. even with your lanering helping you your chance of successful gank is low. and that is assuming your laner is helping you when you gank. this assumption is a well you know in low elo an assumption. also bot ganking bot lane is very hard right now if you laner came just a few sec late you have a very high chance of dieing like an idoit. jungling at low elo is like hell you need to gank casue farming exp is too low, but when you gank you need your team, and in lower elo having a team is like 1 out of 10 games. please riot if you want to consider player experience at all elo, then do something about jg cause in the lower elo it is unbearable.
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