@Riot - Malzahar is down to 48% win rate.

After the long series of nerfs to Malzahar and the current change in itemization, Malzahar is now down to 48.8% win rate as per champion.gg This is bad. Malzahar is not the same case as Ryze, where his win rate is negatively influenced by the sheer amount of people who can't pilot him properly. Malzahar is reliable champion with straightforward kit. Having his win rate plummet so hard is a testament the recent nerfs were just unfair to him. Malzahar was dominating pick in pro play through 8.1 and 8.2 patches, however note, that he was as strong OR STRONGER before that (he was slightly nerfed in his R ratio past his last rework some time in 7.21 i believe) and wasn't picked in pro play at all, just because pros are usually very slow to adapt and continued to play champs like Syndra or Cass even if the champions were objectively much weaker. The nerfs were an overreaction to his sudden pro play presence and he was hit incredibly hard, both to his cooldowns and to his scaling. Meanwhile, Zoe was allowed to run rampart across the rift for all her existence, Ryze is arguably the best mid laner now and the only thing he is getting is a sligh nerf to his E, which is really not the thing that makes him strong, Taliyah remains untouched, Azir is getting nerfed after being THE mid laner for four patches but none of these nerfs are as severe as the nerfs to Malz. Everybody will complain about Malz, because people are just bad at playing around his ultimate, but he has clear weaknesses in his laning phase and can be shut down and played around by people with brain. People who claim he has OP are the same who will say Darius is OP. What do you guys at Riot going to do about this? You clearly can't balance the champion properly, due to his design and his reliability. Are you going to rework him? Are you going to at least partly compensate his recent nerfs? For the people, who are going to comment on this saying that it's good he sucks, because he ulted your Zed once, when you didn't buy MR or QSS the whole game, and you couldn't do what LL Stylish does in his YT videos... keep it to yourself. The champion clearly has counterplay, otherwise he wouldn't lose 52% of his games on average.
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