Time to address the Elephant in the room RIOT. 5 bots in a 3v3 game.

I just finished a game with 5 bots in a 3v3 normal match. As you can see on a 3rd party website (dont know how to post the pictures I took onto this forum), I demolished the other 3 champions. Three minutes into the game I took a picture of me 6/0 and sent it to my friends and I was confident already that the other team was all bots. Another minute later, I was sure that my entire team were bots. Originally I thought that it was funny and happy that it was going to result in a free win. I decided to turn the game into a max number of kills target, opposed to taking objectives. Looking back, if I targeted the opposing champions slower, my 2 bots would not have won so fast and I would have likely had more kills. This needs to be fixed however as this is ruining game play. If you get a game where there is only 1 bot, that team is nearly guaranteed to lose, wasting their teammates time. Game was 7/20/2019 at roughly 8:15pm EST. I may record the replay and post it to Youtube later.
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