Does Everyone Counter Yasuo?

So, I've been playing with a lot of Yasuo's recently, which should come to no surprise to anyone at the moment. I think I went through a stretch of 3 games with 5 total Yasuo's, and went on a 6 game 'Yasuo presence' game streak at one point in my 11 hour stint of playing league yesterday. One thing I noticed though is that these Yasuo's follow a very specific pattern. Every time they die, they write an Autobiography about themselves prior to that death, including useful information along the lines of how they died, why their jungler needs to camp them, how their windwall didn't go off, and especially how it's impossible for them to win a matchup because they got counter picked (in blind draft.) I mean seriously, I even went up myself against an enemy yasuo as Ziggs a couple days ago, and when he dashed to me, screamed 'HASAGI' 50 times, and I knocked him away with W, retaliated with my Q and E, and then ulted the 20% health Yasuo and caused him to flash. He would then recall while whining in all chat, word for word, 'how can I beat that fucking champion when you just knock me away wtf.' This trend continues with allied and enemy Yasuo's who consistently complain about how every matchup is a bad one for them, no matter how much of an immobile mage the enemy is. And because of this, the Jungler is getting heat about how Yasuo needs to be camped in order to overcome this matchup that is 'impossible' for this Yasuo to win. I didn't understand these anti-yasuo posts at first, but the last two days have certainly taught me a lot.
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