Why the new mana changes are not as bad as you think

So, for those living under a rock, Riot plans to make changes geared towards mid lane that have 95% of the Boards in an absolute frenzy. Most of it just unwarranted hate and judgement instead of looking at things at a logical standpoint. In regards to the laning phase of mid lane, this change is *excellent*. A friend pointed out to me how easy it was to spam abilities as a mage, without even thinking about the consequences. if you had a DR and basic game fundamentals, you can carry out your lane phase with little to no consequence as a mage, something which is unfair as a design standpoint. A mage should be protected by their range; not their ability to spam from a distance. Before, if a melee engaged on a range, your safety bubble is popped, requiring you to expend mana/summoners in order to retreat and regain that bubble. Now? *It's the same thing.* The mana changes do not change the lane for a melee vs a ranged. The goals are the same. A melee will still want to reach their advantage state against a ranged, and a ranged will still want to keep them out. With these changes, however, a ranged will get just as punished for expending in a trade as a melee would. I don't have any numbers to calculate realistic trades b/t a specific melee or ranged champion (if someone has any numbers regarding this, feel free to post), but these changes = more interaction in mid lane, and less Malzahar-esque lanes (you know what I mean by this, I hope)
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