I hate Master Yi

I seriously fucking hate him. I hate that he can build 3 items and insta delete anything in the game. I hate that you can't itemize against him. I hate that his kit gives him so many bullshit ways to evade damage while his main source of damage is undodgeable. I hate that the only answer to him is CC, which ISN'T A VALID ARGUMENT FOR WHY HE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED REMOTELY HEALTHY. Theres nothing to dodge from him, you can't outplay him, you can only outstat him (which usually only works in the early game or if youre playing an equally BS champ like tryndamere or jax) or try to CC him. And yeah, I know he isn't supreme god-tier otherwise we'd see him a lot in competitive play. But I despise yi as a champion. Whoever thought he was a great idea should look back at how he's aged as a champion and reconsider his decisions.
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