It's not Wukong. Pull your heads out your arses!

Wukong has only been nerfed for 6 seasons. No buffs. Runes reforged and duskblade changes don't count as buffs. Wukong has been under the radar for the past 5 seasons, don't throw him under the bus because you don't like how new items interact with his kit. Those those items under the bus. Which is what this post is about. If Wukong isn't in a healthy balanced spot it's because decoy works well with {{item:3147}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3095}} throw an electrocute in and GG! and has nothing to do with Wukong himself. Check boards history. For 6 years, any board posts made about Wukong has been saying he needs buffs and emphasizing how he falls short in every role and is useless outside of a bruiser/team fight build. Or a 1for1 sacrifice to take out the enemy carry. Now, suddenly without Wukong receiving any buffs, people are calling him broken and op. Don't try to trash can my favorite champ or get him reworked because RIOT released those stupid ass items. Nothing is wrong with Wukong. Tell RIOT to fix their freaking items and don't tamper with my champion!!!
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