This Jungle is Just BAD!

Ok this is some bull crap right here. There are what? 5 good junglers now? And buffs are too good from dragon and jungle pathing eather A: leaves you open to be counter jungled by not taking buff before your 3rd back. Or B: Die It's so bad Trundle{{champion:48}} can't even stay in the jungle for more then 3 camps. TRUNDLE{{champion:48}} with sustain only 2nd to Aatrox{{champion:266}} and Fiddlesticks{{champion:9}} . The smite{{summoner:11}} cool down is way to long and the new hunter's buffs are just bad. The only good ones give smite a better CD and the one that stuns. (Hell, that might be the same one) Riot don't do this to us. Riot needs to consult some regular summoners before doing something this big... There's theory and reality, the thing is that if you think something is a good idea, ask the people that are literally making it possible for you to do it ~Edgar A Pwn
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