Jg Bots

Starting to see a lot of jg bots in Co op Vs AI matches. They autolock smite and don't say anything. During the game their pattern is really obvious, especially if an enemy champion tries to attack them. They walk to one jg camp, AFK for a minute or two, then kill another camp, AFK again, repeat for the entire game. If an enemy champion is in the jg crossing paths with the jg bot, the jg bot will continue farming jg and let the enemy champion kill it. The jg bot also dies to the jg creeps sometimes. They usually end with a score between 0/0/0 and 0/5/0, and very low amount of jg creeps killed. I suppose they think hiding the bot in the jg is less noticeable, but to me it's even more obvious because they never attack enemy champions at all and never go to any lane.
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