"Mobility Creep"

List of champs who didn't get a dash on their rework {{champion:28}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:8}} and now {{champion:20}} Some of them where minor reworks and some major. I just think the "mobility creep" hysteria blows the situation out of proportion to a degree. Not saying there hasn't been a creep... just not as much as some make it seem. People don't consider power budgets, ranged vs melee or difficulty level. And about the power budget: People always just bring up the fact that an immobile champion can't escape as well as a mobile champ. That's absolutely true. This doesn't change the fact that a lot of champs with dashes tend to be melee champions aside from a few {{champion:103}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:81}} They also trade things like hard cc, defense, comparable range, and their ult. If you're playing an immobile champion, you are usually trading immobility for range, aoe, aoe cc or extreme late game power. Look at {{champion:30}} ffs. This guys R targets _every enemy champion_ on the field from anywhere; even from fountain. Talk about safety. That's madness. If he was a recently released champ people would lose their shit. He also has aoe CC and aoe damage in his Q and E. He's even _expected_ to die, having an after-death passive. {{champion:34}} is also a good example. Lots of AOE and a revive passive (expected to not get away). Also, do we include champions like {{champion:86}} {{champion:120}} or any champ with decent movement speed uptime as having "mobility"? They're able to return to lane faster than plenty of champions with dashes btw. There is an idea of balance. I think people just use knee-jerk reactions to what they see/experience in a recent game and want to complain (I do the same thing from time to time). I just don't think there is _real_ consideration for how these champions are made.
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