IMO 9.2 made the game pacing so much better & was a good patch overall.

The defensive rune buffs and offensive rune nerfs are noticable. Ignite nerfs are noticable. I see snowball visibly decreased in my games. I actually feel like I need to put some macro thought into everything again. You don't insta-lose the game on first baron because of baron nerfs. Irelia has been shifted out of the meta finally (thank god - sucks for irelia players tho). Obviously I still have some gripes: like I think jungle changes went the wrong way, I think tower plating gives too much gold, they should revert the minion speed changes, rip Rakan, maybe tweak conquerer. But honestly those are small problems compared to the fact that I'm actually having _fun_ in my matches again (even though I've had _more_ flamers/ragequits now than in preseason). I can't even put my finger on what exactly changed specifically. Not to mention that I love the new ARURF (personally). Like, the lower death timers were what we needed. I've never had so much fun being 0/10 in a game. My experience as a viewer: I just watched LCK in patch 9.2 this mornging. Amazing. Probably the best competitive meta I've seen in a while. We see some assassins but they're not overbearing. Constant action, but one team doesn't necessarily roll the other team even when ahead 10k+ gold. Tons of creative picks that can work. Games are much more drawn out too, but not boring like ardent meta. Idk, I think they did a great job. Just sucks a ton that they didn't do this during preseason and let the game rot for 3 months.
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