How do i get good as Vayne?

Hi! I'm a Top/JG/ADC main, and I recently got the prestige firecracker Vayne from grinding the pass, and that has inspired me to pick her up. However, no matter how safe I play during lane and how good my Support is, I always get dumpstered. Just dying once in lane as vayne fucks over my CS for the rest of the game and forces me to play back behind my tower, and even that doesnt work because theres always a jungler or midlaner ready to help fuck me up. The few times I do get ahead early, by the time midgame comes around i get fucked over yet again. I know she's a late game champion, but how can i make sure I get to that late game? I'm just looking for some general vayne tips, like when to build her On-hit or crit, the best rune choices, some good tips for laning phase, what kind of support to play with, and so on. Anything is appreciated :)
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