Is something going to be done about Zoe kite wise?

You can mess around with her numbers all you want Riot but her kit is just frustrating to play against on another lvl. Far more then the likes of Zed/Yasuo/Illaoi, etc. Zoe is basically pre-rework Nidalee with far more versatility. She has incredible pick potential even if she doesnt' do damage with her absurdly long range bubble if it goes through a wall. Its just so insanely frustrating to play against her, having to have to back every time she hits you with any Q as it does 80% of your health if you aren't incredibly tanky with MR. Added to the fact that she does an absurd amount of damage for someone who isn't even very fed. A 1/3 Zoe in lane with little farm and half an item will chunk any squishes health with any Q, even almost kill them if she hit a bubble. She can be balanced and have a fair win rate but thats not going to fix her kit from being so frustrating to play against. At least Old Nidalee was single target, Zoe's is aoe.

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