locket is crowding out other support items

riot did a good job at carving out niches for {{item:3504}}, {{item:3222}} & {{item:3174}} & the new {{item:3069}} is amazing and all, but {{item:3190}} is still rushed on every support that is not soraka, sona, or a high damage mage support locket can't be nerfed either, because even though every support is basically balanced around this item, the ones that would get hit the most is tank supports; because tank support itemization is **extremely** poor. champions like karma and morg and janna can easily find other builds, but tank supports cant. seriously {{item:2049}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} every game from EVERY tank support the only other item that can compete with {{item:3190}} in terms of stats is {{item:3050}} but falls flat because the passive is extremely unreliable and is more offensive than what a tank support is comfortable buying. supports need items like this {{item:3024}} + {{item:3114}} which could operate like a tank version of {{item:3174}} which amplifies the next heal or shield based on the amount of damage taken or maybe we can do something risky and reintroduce runic bulwark thats built out of these {{item:3105}} + {{item:3024}} which can provide a flat 3% damage reduction aura or something with an active that amplifies it to 10% for 5 seconds (so like mini maokai ult) reintroducing runic bulwark like this would still leave locket viable because locket has synergy with windspeakers while this new one would have synergy with bond of stone. it would also leave locket viable for tanks who buy the previous item i suggested
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