Im starting to think that riot want to make trundle and sejuani useless

OKAY, first, im not a fan of sej or trundle, but I really feel bad for his player base, I just saw the patch notes, like, sejuani e does like 30 damage and they are getting that to 20 (??????) Also the trundle pillar SLOW from 30% to 15% (LOL, 15% SLOW UNTIL U UPGRADE IT, LVL 13) his CD is increased by TWO WHOLE SECONDS, LIKE 22 SEC ISN'T ENOUGH LOL. Ah I FORGOT, ryze empowered w root from 2 SECONDS to 1.5 (xDDDE I died there) anyone explain me why those changes LOL?? It's like they are getting Nerfs patch by patch, and they are getting more useless, their winrates are terrible in solo Q in any elo, it's soooooooooooo easy to play against them in jungle (sej, trundle) their ganks... Well if u put a ward and look map ur fine.. because they need to get to melee.. I don't get It xD nobody picks those champs in my games anymore, I have a d3 acc, d4 acc, and this one.. And they are non existent
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