Instead of trying to enable surrender votes at Minute 15...

Could you please just try to revert the hard snowballing features you randomly pulled out of your pocket? I feel like where you're going right now is a terrible direction, you're practically telling the community "This is fine. This is how it should be.", but a large portion of the community will disagree with you, and so do I: This is not a good direction we're going into. You introduced Lethality as a little pat on the back for assassins and added a larger variety of penetration items for assassins to pick from, but that completely backfired because everyone is just stacking Lethality ADCs with practically no counterplay now. Whether that's Jhin who can safely poke you down to zero from miles away, or Caitlyn who will just use her 90 Lethality ultimate on you and end your life on the spot at JUST 90% health already, marksmen have once again taken over the meta in the most ironic time: the time of assassins. The people that are supposed to shredder ADCs. How to fix this? Restrict Lethality items to Melee characters just like Hydra does. You already have the algorithm that enables you to assign items to a group of characters, so please consider doing this since you totally can. There is no such thing as an "ADC assassin" unless you want to call Kindred an assassin, heck, not even Quinn is supposed to be an assassin, so I really don't see the issue here. Another thing: Turrets. Now I don't know about you people, but I loved, quote on quote LOVED turrets. They used to protect you, they used to prevent an enemy Jungler from just walking up to you harassing you in your own territory, but that has drastically changed. Might just be me as a {{champion:40}} main, but I'm fairly sure that Turrets are NOT in an acceptable state right now. They have little to no strategic value anymore, and it feels like any second you don't WATCH a turret closely could mean the end of the game for you. Over the past years, champions have been increasing in size, power and lane control. We no longer have a cast of 50 characters with 1 character that can repair turrets, one that can shield them and one that can effectively SIEGE them. It feels like right now, we have a cast of 100+ characters that ONLY effectively siege turrets. Oh, and Janna, who has been gutted countless of times to a point where a full AP Janna can barely shield a turret for 1/5th of it's value, and it's so worthless most of the time that you're better off saving your shield for the teammate who is about to be run down under their own turret. We had laser turrets for a very short time, and they were awesome, more awesome than the ridiculous confetti cannons you're calling inhibitor turrets. I call that trash, because it BELONGS in the trash. It's never been more visible that turrets can barely stay alive even WITH a team of people defending it than that one time people decided to play {{champion:115}} on botlane to harass the living hell out of not just the ADC and Support, but also the rest of the team by pushing bot lane through to the inhibitor turrets at minute 10-15. This should have been a sign for you to put your attention towards turrets, but instead, you're trying to let people surrender around the 15 minute mark because that's when the game is already done and everyone is so utterly frustrated that they want to quit. I'm not an expert, I sit in Gold myself because I troll my own games with experimental picks, but even I think that what's going on with Marksmen building assassin items and siege champions pushing over turrets like Playdo isn't a healthy state, and you shouldn't promote it by letting people surrender even EARLIER now. The only thing you're making clear with this is that you're not planning to address the issue anytime so soon and just give people a Plan B to tolerate the annoying state of the game. TL;DR Turrets are too weak, Marksmen shouldn't penetrate, Please revert this soon.
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