Will Teemo get any changes upcoming?

Long time Teemo main, ive played him every lane and every role at least 100 times by now, and ive just noticed that he is getting nerfed by accident. He has not been the main focus of these changes, but alot of them are really starting to hurt him. The biggest one right now is **Scrying plant** As Teemo Top or Mid i will during the early and mid game when some junglers still struggle with camps will go in and ward certain camps or along the paths of the jungle. And Obviously i use shrooms to defend my own lane. The plant removes all forms of defense my shrooms give. They can just hit it and boom they see everything ive spend time on. I have also noticed the fact that Teemo doesnt have the best spot in the game. Yes he can do well, but that isnt the point. With all the other ranged champions that can go top lane thave habe been catered to with the ADC and even a few of the assassin changes Teemo isnt the best pick. He was always supposed to be the David against Goliath and now he can barely hold his own with his shrooms and inability to chase or retreat with all the mobility in the current game. All im hoping is to make someone aware.
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