Ezreal is so strong right now and it's kind of disgusting

Out of many ban worthy champions, Ezreal has got to be among the scariest champion to see on the enemy team. I'm talking about tahm kench, hecarim and vayne level. Because one way or another if they happens to get even the smallest lead, the game is basically over. Let's talk ezreal for a second. He as an adc has an incredible amount of upfront damage along with burst depending on his build. Oftenly, it's {{item:3043}} {{item:3025}} for the early to mid game and that's already quite a power spike for him. Both are quite cheap and {{item:3025}} alone offers both damage and defense, comparing to other crit items for auto attack based adcs which cost more and offers only damage with no utility. He synergizes so well with {{item:3025}} that he actually maximizes everything the item has to offers. Furthermore, his kit is so forgiving that it doesn't matter if he doesn't land all of his skillshot, eventually he will land 1 or 2 in the late game that deals enough damage to take anyone out of commision. The W Q combo alone packed a huge punch that looks bonkers even by mages standard. The hitbox is large enough that messing up take more effort than trying to land them. I dislike seeing him, but having an ezreal on the team feels always reassuring. Basically, the game is decided at champ select, which goes for many league games nowaday. A whole roster of S tier champions and not enough bans to go around. They are not ban worthy because of how they function, but because of their stats, and to be honest it makes the game stale and uninteresting seeing the same 5 champs over and over. Oh also Naut is kind of broken also.
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