If the next patch was nothing but damage NERFS to problematic champs, I might start playing Rift.

I'm honestly baffled how Riot can say things like "We know damage is too high and we are working on toning it down" and then completely pull a 180 and starting buffing champs and adding more damage into the game. And what really gets me is that any nerf to a really problematic champion they do give is followed by a "Compensation" buff to some other part of their kit, completely defeating the point of a nerf in the first place. I'm not calling out any specific champion here, but the high damage in this game has been a problem for a very, VERY long time now and it's just going completely ignored. I stopped playing Rift and ranked because I was sick and tired of being one-shot by literally everything in this game, The idea of someone going 0/5/0 in lane, then completely turning the tables around by buying 1 completed item is not a good feeling. How many champions have that one power spike item that lets them go from 0/10/0 to 25/10/0? quite a lot, to many to name. I don't think that Riot understands that you can add more damage into the game WITHOUT increasing damage numbers. Lower the cooldown on an ability? that's adding more damage. Increasing attack speed? also adding more damage. Nerfing armour and MR on an item or champion is still adding more damage. A lot of the times in patch notes I see "skill cooldown decreased" or "Attack speed growth increased" and they think little things like that are healthy but they aren't. it's still more damage, the damage value might be the same but now it's more frequent. At this point, the buffs and nefs champions are getting seem really really REALLY personal, like someone on the balance team lost to that particular champion and wants revenge on them, or are mad because their champion they main got stomped so they push for buffs even though those champions affected don't need those changes in the first place. Honestly, if they just sat down and took even 5 minutes to think about what they are actually changing in the game they might still be able to start slowly repairing the damage they have caused over several seasons. But right now they aren't even trying. And that's frustrating
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