will we ever see supports that specialize in helping fighters or mages?

right now {{champion:427}} and {{champion:44}} are the only 2 supports that expressly benefit non-marksmen more with an ability, ivern Q puts juggs/divers in melee and taric's W shield scales off of ally's max health we don't have any support that is clearly meant to work great with casters or mages, either (no mana battery or spell empowerment), and even the items are either neutral or catering towards champions with high-damage auto attacks or high attack speed (read: marksmen) {{item:3050}} {{item:3504}} i would like to see this explored more, supports who would work VERY WELL into a mage-heavy comp by powering them up with damage or CDR that ignores the cap, or by keeping a resource-heavy champion going by refilling their mana bars during/after a fight. tools that let them play into fighter strengths with bonus damage scaling on ally HP, or adding % missing health sustain to them as a counterpart to ardent's flat healing being much better for lower-HP auto attackers. just things like that. make supports more varied pls, there's a lot of unexplored territory with them. i would rather these things be on new champ kits, but items would be just fine, too.
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