Basically title. Ult having 50% AP ratio now instead of 100% doesn't make sense to me. AP Pantheon was and still is some of the most fun I've ever had in League, and it's not like it's even remotely a viable build, but when I'm trying to unwind and chill, I just hop in a game with friends and laugh together with them with a super fun off-meta build. The fact that the base damage was lowered made sense to me considering how it's bigger now and has the extra area where it can do damage. However, I fail to understand why the AP ratio on an AD champ had to be lowered. It's not like it'll suddenly make AP Panth viable or anything, and it just kills a fun build that people enjoy playing. Killing 300 base damage at max rank is still pretty big regardless, and I don't think it needs the further nerf of having the AP ratio cut in half. I understand this will likely be glossed over and nobody will likely look or care but on the off-chance it gets somewhere and a Rioter or someone looks at it, please reconsider the nerf. There's no reason to kill a build that's fun despite not being viable, and the rework won't suddenly make it viable. Thank you.
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