Plans for Varus ADC?

Any plans for Varus in the future? I hope you guys won't forget about Varus as the ADC in the botlane. Varus his kit is really cool but it could use some change. 1. If Varus gets a kill or an assist, his attack speed passive (living vengeance) shows up and his bow starts to glow. What if timer of his passive only starts to run at the first auto attack. This would make Varus a great ADC for teamfight snowballing. Most of the time when the passive activates on Varus, I couldn't use it because the timer is just a few seconds, not long enough to make good use out of it. 2. Mana % refund on popping 3 blight stacks. 3. Popping 3 blight stacks empowers the abilities on Varus. Bonus slow on E ...% per stack 4. Popping blight stacks lowers the cooldown of his abilities. 5. Give Varus 600 range These are just a few ideas. But I hate to see Varus just being used as a Q spam machine.
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