Yuumi is a broken champ

First game against Yuumi: Played Aatrox top, and stomped lane, getting super fed. All was good till Yuumi and the carry came up there, she healed Djhin from nothing to full and made him unkillable. Second game against Yuumi: went Mord bot with Brand supposed, and Yuumi just hides in other champs the whole time, making them nearly unkillable. When they were about to die, she'd come out and mess us up. I can imagine Morde ADC and Yummi supposed would be good because of the extra damage, sheilds, and heals she gives. I'm thinking More bot Ardent Rush with the cat also rushing Ardent would be broken. YET If I play More with Yuumi, I can't use w on her while attached. I also don't get bonus exp from w with Yuumi support. If I kill someone with my ult that she attached to, they don't get stat bonus or items that they built in ghost form. Even if I am 4 levels ahead as Aatrox, thier carry and the parasite cat can't die. Yuumi, since she is untargetable, can cast Q and her ult, even if I knock up the champion she is attached to. Not to mention healing from no hp to full hp with heals and sheilds making herself and the carry unkillable, no matter who I play. This symbiotic champion should have been a parasitic worm, not a cat. She has no counterplay. HOW TF DO YOU COUNTER THIS PARASITE CAT?!? I keep winning lane and losing to her, and when I go bot, her and her carry are literally invincible

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