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posting this {{item:3155}} to ward off mage mains, they wont look at a post if they see a {{item:3155}} on it let's keep the ADCs out while we're at it {{item:3147}} {{champion:91}} {{item:3053}} has a couple of "problems" that make it an overall subpar buy on most of the champs it's intended for has some of its power unnecessarily tried to {{item:3078}} which is usually more popular with divers; the ones who do build this like trundle generally don't buy this too, it's a nice alternate pickup for other juggernauts but never really core. it'd be kind of lame to remove the synergy for the situations where i want both items on illaoi or mord, but if it made the item more appealing to more bruisers i'd be down with that second, the shield decays absurdly quick, but I suspect there's a less obvious reason for why that is; {{champion:420}} exists. She is by FAR the single best user of this item because of how her healing works, in a way that allows her to slingshot from incredibly low health to incredibly high health in the span of two seconds especially with {{item:3812}} {{item:3065}} . In addition to that, every ratio she has except for her ult is base AD, so she stands to benefit greatly from buying it. The only other champion with sustain close to that is Darius, but, because his bleed and ult are bonus AD and because he's already satisfied with his passive's extra damage, he would prefer to go Cleaver into straight tank. In terms of granting juggernauts survivability, Maw is usually the better item because it grants them so much sustain, but that's fair since Sterak's shield is stronger in terms of up-front values. However, Illaoi is a champion who is slightly underperforming as-is, so I think either changing the shield's decay or upping its duration wouldn't break her. As it is right now, there are a lot of times where I don't even notice the shield, and it can be pretty unintuitive; being shielded AFTER you've eaten enough burst to activate it is tedious. AND, Jaurim's fist sucks as a component item. You shouldn't have to stack it to get the health you paid for. That's all. Lastly, it's a fairly nonsensical item in terms of build path and stats. As a late game pick-up, it doesn't feel that great since you've already fallen off in usefulness unless you're Trundle; it's usually better to buy it second, after Triforce, for the power spike. What I'd suggest is to bump up its price a little bit and give it much more health. Since bruisers and fighters desire health and Riot has wanted to separate them from tank items so badly for a while now, I see no reason why we shouldn't make Sterak's a moderate-to-high-cost item with much more of the stats that bruisers like to have. Having more survivability would make this item far more appealing. A suggested changelist would be something like... {{item:3053}} 2600 -> 3100 400 HP -> 700 AD values unchanged Shield value decays over 5 seconds instead of 3 AD bonus from Sterak's Fury now lasts until you exit combat (bringing it in line with {{item:3156}} ) Recipe is now two {{item:3052}} (negotiable) {{item:3052}} No longer needs to stack to get the extra 150 health. You should get what you pay for. ######give it atma passive
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