AP Bruiser Item Concepts for Riot PhRoXz0n Once He Gets Around to His Back Burner Project

Deathfire Grasp (Melee Only)(Rework) 50 AP 500 HP 20% CDR Active: Mark a target, lowering their MR by 10-30% over the next 5 seconds. Your next attack on them deals 10% of their max health over 5 seconds. Cast range 350 units Fiendish Codex + Kindlegen + Ruby Crystal + 700 gold = 3000 gold 1087.5+1300+532=2919.5 Stat Value Gunther's Untattered Cloak (Melee Only) 50 AP 350 HP 40 Armor Passive: After receiving damage before mitigation of 60% of your maximum health activate __ gaining 20% tenacity, 20% haste, and 20% healing from abilities (reduced to 1/3 healing for AoE) and is active until out of combat for 3 seconds. Blasting Wand + Ruby Crystal + Ruby Crystal + Cloth Armor + 850 gold = 2800 gold 1087.5+910+800=2797.5 Stat Value I tried my best to make the items not broken on assassins, but the may still abuse them. What do you think?
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