I think its high time to say this...

Janna{{champion:40}} is dire need of a rework. Not saying that its a bad thing but her kit is just too generalist for a support. Shes been constantly getting nerfed over the years and they try to changer her to better fit her play-style by making her movement speed into her damage and that failed hard. Lately, shes just a case of "Old champion design syndrome" in both game-play and visuals. She has too much going for her kit, * Movement speed boost for both her(W) and her allies(passive) * A slow that is point and click that last for 2 seconds( at least its not a stun thank god...) * A knock-up that can get stronger over time or instantly if given the change. * and the strongest shield in the game, which it gives AD to anyone it shields(at max rank its the ad Equivalent as a{{item:1038}} or more if she dares build AP . * Literally the only one that can shield towers which makes it harder to destroy. * and the Fattest heal to exist in the game with a knock-back attached to it. In the end, Janna is just a massive pain in the ass to face and is much stronger then any other shielding supports in the game. The only one that can match her is Lulu but that is a different story overall... I don't know if shes constantly banned in Pro play because i don't watch it as much but i know shes just that strong. If you agree with me, I would love your reasons why it should happen.
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