How about a nerf for Kayn

if you look at the history tab, do you find something in common with all of the patches? He. Has. NEVER. BEEN. NERFED! there is not a single thing that has changed kayn in a negative way, but he is still a top tier jungle so why shake things up right? the one that bothers me the most is the blue form. because not just the fact that his E breaks the entire game in every single fucking way, but it's cooldown is reduced to 8 fucking seconds, and they buffed the movement speed in blue form from 70 to 80% movement increase! with mobi's. that is 819 fucking movement speed that cant be stopped by walls or slows! rammus 2.0! and for some reason he can oneshot basically anyone that isn't a bruiser or tank. and it sure helps that they made it so you can queue ability casts so you dont even have to react, just roll on the keyboard and you'll oneshot anyone. and if you lose the fight? well just became invincible and then deal 350 + 175% of bonus ad to then jump out at a designated location that has been buffed with longer range as well! excuse me what? and apperantly kayn counts as unseen in his ult, which triggers duskblade?? i know very well where he is, there is no point to fix this "bug"! downvote me all you like metaslaves {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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