We are straying away from what the support role should be.

Honestly, I don't think there should be supports that have no true defense in their kit. Before you say I just want Sups to be heal bots, hear me out. I have no problem with supports that can do a little bit of both like Thresh or Leona, but when champions like Illaoi are being played support... Enough said... Supports like Zyra and Brand too, honestly should just be played in the carry role instead of the support one. Sups being purely damage is one of the main reasons damage is so high as well as why marksmen are so weak. Mid and Bot are carry roles, they are picked to deal damage. Top and JG are half and half, they are picked to defend sometimes and damage sometimes. We need at least one role where the primary focus is defense and support should be that role. We should not try to bypass that and put champions in the support role that can deal carry level damage on 2/3rds of the income. (Those {{champion:555}} kind of champs shouldn't even exist but that's a whole different thread.) Sure, a lot of these mage supports do have CC in their kit, which could be thought of as defense; but if it's not a spell that they're holding onto waiting to react to an opponent's ability, then there's nothing defensive about it. Karma is a great example of a good mage support.. She does damage but has innate defense in her kit. Zyra is a bad example, all of her defense is tied to offense and is used to kill people 90% of the time. A lot of marksmen were literally designed to only function with good peel. Their support is not obligated to always be that guy, but it would certainly be a good fallback option when everyone else on the team picks an assassin. Autofill players should still just pick whatever works, but a Brand or Zyra support main should just be queing APC. TLDR; It would just improve the game and make damage a lot more bearable if carries stuck to the carry role, carry supports included, and defensive champions became the primary supports.
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