Is no one going to talk about the fact Sivir received a MASSIVE nerf??

Patch 9.13 notes
Qiyana Q - EDGE OF IXTAL STEALTH BUGFIX Qiyana is no longer locked out of auto-attacking after stealthing from a Grass-enchanted Q - Edge of Ixtal Kha'Zix Q - TASTE THEIR FEAR BUGFIX Kha'Zix's Isolated target effect now properly applies to all champions Qiyana Q - EDGE OF IXTAL BUGFIX
In the patch notes for 9.13, Sivir received a massive nerf which not many people noticed. "MANA REGEN 8.012 ⇒ 8" Now, since mana regen is calculated per 5 seconds, meaning that Sivir will now regen 8 mana per 5 seconds instead of 8.012, every 416.67 seconds, or roughly 7 minutes, Sivir will be 1 mana point short. According to LeagueOfGraphs, the average player is ranked silver in Solo/Duo. The average game duration in Silver is 29:44 Minutes, Meaning that throughout the duration of the match, Sivir will lose 4.281 mana points compared to previous patches. As a Garen main, I do not know if that's a lot of mana or not, but still this seems uncalled for.

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