80% of the Yasuo plays here was because of lifesteal and warlord

Lifesteal is a problem that Riot is silent about, 99% of Yasuo problem could be fixed if Lifesteal wasn't involved at all. The abundance of lifesteals itemization, the amount of masteries and runes for lifesteal and stat synergies makes it one of the best stat to any ad champion in the game. Spellvamp was for me Balanced but because of one specific champions named {{champion:8}} riot decided to maybe remove the stat from itemization. Who's problem was it the stat or the champions? Because spellvamp was a great stat on AP assassins champions because they would be able to survive after they blow their abilities. A Tank should not be a health pool for Ad champion to regen on. https://youtu.be/5cQKNrActXA?t=376 Here is another video of how broken yasuo is with lifesteal, Facetanking tower, healing off 4 people and still not die.
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