SoloQ is a Clown Fiesta

(I made this topic enough times because I'm not the only one that has experienced this. I forced myself to climb from Gold2 to Plat4 in 3 days by winning almost every game playing as Tristana, Caitlyn, Shen and Pantheon. Also i wanted to make a shorter version of my topics. Hopefully, it will be the last.) After reaching Plat4, in my recent games I got a bunch of trolls. I got a Veigar support inting that was complaining of taking his kills, then I got a 0/5 Lee that went afk, after I got a duo premades that one of them was Fizz Support and the other was a Xin that picked second smite, after we got an Ezreal suiciding in the teamfights (Luckily we won this game with me a Shen and our Voli engaging before killing our Ezreal). Right now SoloQ feels like a coinflip of whose team gonna get the troll rather than skillful matchups that the best team gonna win and yes, I know that is hard for others to keep positive attitude during a losing game but how hard is for somebody to just stop inting on purpose? Legit now, I would prefer losing from a better team than me rather than losing from a troll. It starts feeling like climbing to SoloQ is pointless.
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