ADC's feeling this overbearing is the accumulated effect of every Class update

Juggernaut update: -A champion design whose main weakness is being kited/having no effective range -Black cleaver is changed and continues to shift in and out of flavor for ADC's (Bork/BC Lucian and co) Marksman update: -Buff to every crit item -Introduces a slew of new effects for AD items -Cait and Graves, nuff said Mage update: -Mages get less AP and most of the battlemages get their burst/damage delayed -Subsequent changes to rylais and co make most mages spike mid game and fall of later on Support item changes: -A TON of shields/heals -Boost to already strong healers as the new shield/heal% stacking makes them able to save ADC's from certain death Tank update: -Item value and tank stats are lower across the board -Reworked tanks lost their steroids in favor of "anti burst" steroids (sej passive for example) Assassin update: -Increased burst window for assassins, giving ADC's plenty of time to react -Basically gimped the entire class and made them essentially worthless imo All in all it's the past changes and updates to items/classes that made ADC's come on on top and are currently just taking up way too much of a team's power. I KNOW this is a team game, and I like it for that, but not everyone's effectively 20% of a team's power as it all revolves around our buddies in the bot lane carry position. I just want for everyone on our team to feel like they're an important variable for our victory, and not just feel like all I have to do is to protect MY adc and destroy the enemy one. All in all, I think the ADC class is too archaic in their design and needs some rethinking. A position that's THIS important isn't really something I enjoy in this game and I'd rather redistribute the value I put on my teammates.
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