Again, Why Are We Buffing/Nerfing Karma if You are Canceling GU and Doing Nothing?

- 6 years ago removed fans, dress, and duality in kit. Riot didn't complete the art, didn't give Karma a cohesive kit, and yeah . . . . - Remove shield bomb shortly after VGU. - Buffed and the immaterially nerfed Karma more than 5 times the past 6 years. - Cancelled a GU after 6 years but buff her again because she was under preforming, but nerf her again after buffing. What are these Developers doing? Karma has one damage move that is always buffed and nerfed because it's the only form of damage this champion has, because RIOT REFUSES TO GIVE THIS CHAMPION THE PROPER GU/MINI VGU SHE DESERVES.
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