Sick and tired of this ********

I'm investing my time and effort into playing ranked games and it's fun. Don't get me wrong. I'm not here to complain about League of Legends game right now, I want to talk about the matchmaking system.. and no not a rant. I want answers.. It's been my second promos game lost to silver 3 and every. EVERY. Batch of teammates I get has some sort of problem that causes a loss. As if riot hand picks players that'll really tick me off and do different things to effect me mentally and challenge me. Even before the game starts. I get rude toxic players that act up in game. Name call me etc I'm like cool. Whatever. But you see this builds up dealing with all the toxic behavior one player deals with. I'm not here to say league is supposed to be cautious about ones mental health. It's not in their place rightfully as a company. There's a summoner code everyone signs. **(1)** To get to the point I want to know why am I getting poor players in promos when I'm investing my time and effort into 20-40 min games? I've worked not to be disrespected by the matchmaking system by being provided with "Bot-like teammates". (I didn't type that out of anger I typed that truthfully in how I feel my teammates act in-game not personality .) **(2)** Back to talking about bots _**I'm not here to start any drama, but**_ I feel as if I'm supposed to be a robot playing this game. To hold my emotions against the community sometimes, to bottle up my anger not to people. To the framework of the whole game. You see this game is like a hard drug. It's awfully addicting. But to say take a break for a while or mute players is something else. Why can't the community as a whole help you riot to fix the system and maybe over at HQ you tweak things here and there. Instead of going through excess patches and bugs. There really isn't much impact in community engage at all in this topic. May or may not be wrong on points made it's ignorant for me to claim a lot of things here._** So know** _ I'm not here writing all factual information. Just understand I want to find purpose in ranked. Bottom line is I love League of Legends. Mostly cause of queuing with friends and having fun, innocent times. Although it's that the more I got to know about it as I aged in four years was what woke me up and started pissing me off. I miss season four queuing up on the old League client good times. If you've read through the whole thing or even took the time skipping through reading this your a legend{{item:2004}} (pardon for the format it's rushed)
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